It's nearly that time again and this year, more than ever before, we all need to look after ourselves but also have some fun!

Physical activity delivers immediate mental health and social benefits and has a long-term positive impact on our physical health. We passionately believe people should continue to be active whether that's outside in a safe way or within the home. 

To help provide many ideas to support local communities to achieve this, we have used the Sport England Autumn & Winter Toolkit to compile this year's #ActiveAdvent20 Calendar. 

Across 24 days, there are activities that anyone can get involved with. From Cosmic Kids Yoga and Balance Exercises to HIIT at Home and Sit to Stands - this calendar should have something to inspire every one of us to get moving in December. 

So here is the #ActiveAdvent20 Calendar. We would love organisations to use this to share with their own members, staff, local communities - let's just get the message out to as many folks as possible about the benefits of a little activity every day.

Click on the calendar below to download your copy...


To help you share the message with your community...

Click Here for a link to sample social media posts. 

Click Here for a link to all the image files so you can add these to your communications. 

Any questions please contact Suzy O'Shea