Children who learn to be physically active at home are more likely to sustain an active lifestyle as they grow up. Learn easy ways to help your family become more active at home!

Why is it important?

A Headteacher involved in a recent  Real Play Impact Case Study acknowleged that “Those children we can support at home do better at school.”

The benefits of being an Active Family include:

  • Increasing family connection
  • Improving child's ability to learn and focus at school
  • Enhancing physical and mental wellbeing
  • Modelling behaviour at home increases the likelihood of a lifetime of physical activity

Active Families Free Resources

Schools can play a vital role in engaging families and helping parents and children develop a lifetime of healthy habits.

Newsletters and the website can be used to keep parents up to date with school initiatives.  Try termly events such as 'Healthy School Week' to promote healthy eating and being active.  Why not tie in homework activities during the week challenging children to try and complete different physical activities?  

A common complaint is that children are far too involved with technology to be active but there are some excellent free tech resources which families can use to help them move more.  For example - try getting out and exploring with Geocache - a modern type of treasure hunting. Or challenge each other with a dance off using 'Just Dance' videos  - readily available on YouTube.

Other free resources you might like to promote to your parents include:

  • Change4Life Shake ups are 10 minute games which are great for quick bursts of activity at home.
  • My Activity Passport is a government led initiative which gives children a ticklist of activities to complete - perfect for school holidays!
  • Healthy Shropshire provides a directory of groups and services across the county if you are looking for ideas to help you get moving.
  • NHS Get Active Your Way provides information about how much activity you should be doing as well as resources to help you do that activity whether for children, older people or whole families.
  • Primary League Primary Stars offers a dedicated page of resources specifically for families.
  • BBC Supermovers Just for Fun offers families a range of short videos to get families active. Don't forget to register to join in on Supermovers Day - 19th March, 2020.
  • Use the Active Kids Do Better  booster to build your own length and type of activity and even your own music to do it to!  
  • Try a family movement video on Go Noodle to get the whole family active!

Invest in Active Families

Furthermore, there are additional resources which can be purchased using PE premium funding to help promote Active Families:

  • Invest in a Fitbag - aimed at early years, these bags can be loaned to families and contain games and activities to get families and young children moving.
  • Train your staff in Real Play - a  programme which supports families through the power of play.

Case Studies

If you are looking for evidence of the impact of Active Breaktimes, take a look at the case studies below for proof of the benefits:

  • Read about the change in family activity levels and benefits it had in this Real Play Impact Report
  • Read the results of the Active Families Programme which was run by Aspire Sports.  It aimed to improve the health of both children and parents by combatting sedentary lifestyles and increasing the amount of time spent physically active each week.  

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