Deborah (Johnson nee Brennan) has cerebral palsy and has had walking difficulties all her life.

But in 1993 she started to need her wheelchair more and had to learn how to get around. Learning to use a wheelchair was really hard because she couldn't just have a little go and have a break, then try again later. She had to get around a busy secondary school and make sure she was in class on time.

There was a sports club that she used to go to for fun and she went to sports days in different places where she could compete against other disabled kids. Her wheelchair racing didn't start until 1996 when her dad went looking for something more for her to do besides the local sports days.

It was then she got introduced to Tony Williams and the Paralympic team just before they went to the USA for the Paralympics games in Atlanta.

Deborah is very modest about what happened next but she went on to win 2 gold and a silver in the world championships in 1998, gold and bronze in the Paralympics in 2000 and silver and bronze in the Paralympics in 2004.

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