"Training our staff to understand how to get others to be more active has been great, its helped us to build a culture of supporting each other to be more active." 

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Energize understands that the key to the success of any organisation is the people that drive it forward – the workforce. 

If your employees are in poor health or disengaged from each other this can take its toll on the productivity of your workforce and their ability to perform at the best of their ability.

An active workforce has many benefits to an organisation; from improved mental and physical health to helping to bring teams together and encourage cohesive working.

Energize’s professional and knowledgeable team has extensive experience and a proven track record of working with small and large organisations in every sector. We help our clients to understand their strengths and challenges and recommend a series of bespoke actions which are designed to build in more physical activity to help improve the health and happiness of the employees, and the workplace as a whole.

Complimentary Offer

This includes an initial one hour consultation where we visit your workplace, assess your current options and provide you with advice and guidance on what you can do to get your workforce healthier and happier.

We also offer an online self-review tool that gives a personalised guide to how you can improve your workplace health. The self-review tool can be accessed here  Self-Review Tool

Chargeable services

  • Employee insight – Consulting with your staff to gain valuable insight which will inform the approach which works best for your business, and then measuring the impact of the changes you make so that you can see the value of the investment.
  • Workplace activators – Consultants with extensive knowledge and experience of the physical activity and sport sectors to support you and drive your workplace activity forward.
  • Energize your workplace training – bespoke training for one or more employees, to help them gain the tools and knowledge to support others in your workplace to be active.
  • Networking – access to Energize’s extensive networks, including other local organisations who are also supporting their employees to be more active.
  • Team building activities – to suit your needs and staff, from Sporting challenges to bespoke GPS based digital treasure hunts.
  • Workplace events – Sourcing local opportunities developing custom events and supporting teambuilding activities.

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