Annual Partner Satisfaction Survey

Each year an independent organisation creates a survey for us to send to our key stakeholders and partners. It is extremely important to us to gather feedback both through formal channels such as this annual survey as well as on an ongoing basis at meetings and workshops etc 

We were very pleased with the 'three words' all the respondents contributed as these seem to match very closely with the Energize values. 

Word cloud of words to describe Energize

The full results of the survey carried out in December 2019 are shown here. 

Annual Partner Satisfaction Survey 2019

Below is some of the rest of the national and local research and evidence that is being used to shape and guide much of the work that we are doing.


Nationally there is always some research into some aspect of sport or physical activity taking place. This then helps to provides us with a solid understanding and base layer of information to help form our work.


Research into how the coronavirus crisis has affected people's activity levels and attitudes towards exercise.

Sport England - Coronavirus the story so far


Active Lives Survey

This is published twice a year and provides an overview of adults activity levels in England as well as the types of activities they are doing, personal demographics and how much they are volunteering in different sporting environments.

Sport England Active Lives Adult Survey May 20-21

Active Lives Children and Young People Survey

This is the second year of this survey. Sport England has refined the ways of measuring activity levels for children and young people and have merged both the attitudinal and activity data into one set of results. 

Sport England Children and Young People Survey 2019-20


Topical Research and Reports

Public Health England’s Change4Life continues to work with Disney to develop the “10 minute Shake Ups” designed to make children move more whilst having fun. The latest Shake Ups were released at the start of July and can be found here 

At the same time, a piece of research by Change4Life was released and highlighted that less than half of parents are aware that physical activity can

  • Build children’s self-confidence (49%)
  • Help to reduce children’s anxiety (47%)
  • Improve their self-esteem (46%)
  • Help children develop attributes to help them cope with life’s little setbacks (16%)

The evidence that physical activity can help people mentally, as well as physically, is continuing to grow. However, it is important that these messages are reaching everyone especially those in a position to help shape the future generations i.e. parents.

The full report can be found here


The UK Active Research Institute released the annual “Moving Communities: Active Leisure Trends 2019 Report” at the end of June.

The report provides much detail about who is attending the local leisure facilities, what they are doing and when they are doing it.



The national research gives a solid overview of what is going on however, it is the local information, which helps us to structure our work around the needs of Shropshire.

Active Lives Surveys – Even though this is completed across England, the results are presented in a way that we are able to assess what is going on in Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin. We have taken some time to go through these results and work out what is actually going on in our county.

Local Health Profiles – The local authorities and Public Health England produce health profiles for both Shropshire and Telford and Wrekin.

Shropshire Council Local Area Profiles Shropshire Council Profiles

Telford and Wrekin Council Local Area Profiles Telford & Wrekin Council Profiles

Public Health England Shropshire Health Profiles

PHE Profile 2018 for Shropshire

PHE Child Health Profile 2019 for Shropshire

PHE Child Health Profile 2019 for Telford & Wrekin

Primary Research

Primary research is an area that Energize is keen to develop as it provides the opportunity to further our knowledge and understanding about the county. Energize is open to working on primary research projects either as the lead or in association with other partners.

If this is something that you would like to know more about, then please get in touch with us.