Forbo Flooring Systems UK (Forbo) approached Energize STW in June 17 seeking advice on how to enthuse their demotivated workforce. At the time Forbo were attempting to reduce their order lead times and to do this they needed a highly motivated and productive workforce culture.

Consultation stage

Following the completion of the Energize business self-assessment tool Forbo continued their journey by accessing our free one hour consultation. During this consultation Energize’s workplace health experts visited Forbo’s Telford factory to meet with the senior management team and discuss the benefit of physical activity and a healthy workforce. Upon leaving, Energize created an action plan on how Forbo could best improve their workplace health.

Exercise classes

The consultation identified that Forbo’s attempt to reduce lead time meant that there was very little free time during the working day. This prompted Energize to introduce lunch and after work exercise classes. The low impact activity of Pilates was chosen as it is a very inclusive activity.

Changing the culture

After introducing physical activity into the workplace Energize embarked on their biggest challenge, changing the workplace culture. They approached this challenge by retraining Forbo’s senior staff to promote and create a healthy workplace environment. As well as changing the culture of the factory, Energize organised a business vision expert to meet with senior staff in an attempt to promote long term change with in the factory and set a clear team goal.

Team building

Another key component in Forbo’s quest to reduce lead time was to increase positive communication and teamwork on the factory floor. Energize identified the best way to increase teamwork and communication was to take the senior management team out of their comfort zone and to a training day at the Edge Outdoor activity centre. The training day consisted of bespoke workshops and team building activities. This day was hugely successful and they have also recently come back from a second trip to the Brecon Beacons to continue their development. 

"It was amazing, the accommodation and the activities were spot on. Lots of team building and also getting over a few fears. It was an experience we would definitely recommend."

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