Energize Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin is working hard to get people across the County more active. We work with four key audiences identified in our strategy to help us have the greatest impact in the local area.

Full Impact Report 2018/19

Here is an overview of our progress:

  • We have had 156 referrals for the different projects we are running in the last quarter and 568 in the last twelve months. These referrals come from a wide range of services such as health professionals and the criminal justice system.

  • We have supported  39 local organisations this year to access or apply for funding, working with a variety of partners, including charities, forums, sports clubs, leisure providers and local instructors. 

  • During the last academic year (2017-18) we involved 173 schools across the County in the School Games competitions which enabled 2,728 children to take part in a variety of sports and activities.

  • We have provided advice to many different workplaces in the last twelve months, 16 of which have completed our self-assessment tool or had a visit in person from the Energize team, 5 in the last quarter.

  • We have run 26 training courses including safeguarding, mental health first aid in the last twelve months.  326 people have attended these courses.

The numbers provide one side of this story however, the impact that we are having goes far beyond.

Using activity as a vehicle to improve people’s lives, we are able to demonstrate that Energize is having a much broader social impact on the individuals we are working with.

Whether this be helping people with drug and alcohol addictions, making someone’s life easier by making them more mobile and able to play with their grandchildren or just giving people the confidence to do something positive for themselves like getting a scholarship or a job.

Have a look at our Case Studies to read about many people who's lives have been changed for the better through power of sport and physical activity.

This is a relatively new project working with those over 60 to improve their strength and balance. Read all about it here - Elevate Classes

We have taken a lot of time to understand the impact that these exercise classes can have on their lives. We asked the participants to give us three words to describe how they felt about starting the classes and three words to describe how they felt after the 20 weeks.