Energize Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin is working hard to get people across the County more active. We work with four key audiences identified in our strategy to help us have the greatest impact in the local area.

Full Impact Report 2018/19

Here is an overview of our progress in the last quarter - April to June 2019:

  • 8 new and a total of 102 active satellite clubs, offering 28 different activities.
  • During the last academic year (2018-19) we involved 163 schools across the County in the School Games competitions which enabled 2,756 children to take part in a variety of sports and activities.
  • We have provided advice to 2 more workplaces in the last quarter both of which have completed our self-assessment tool and had a visit in person from the Energize team.
  • We have run 4 training courses with  48 people attending. 
  • We have had 75 new referrals for Elevate - postural stability classes for those 60 years and over.  
  • 23 adults and 127 young leaders have volunteered for Energize in last quarter.  
  • There are now 13 active Special Olympics clubs.
  • We now have 10 Energize Champions. 

The numbers provide one side of this story however, the impact that we are having goes far beyond.

Using activity as a vehicle to improve people’s lives, we are able to demonstrate that Energize is having a much broader social impact on the individuals we are working with.

Whether this be helping people with drug and alcohol addictions, making someone’s life easier by making them more mobile and able to play with their grandchildren or just giving people the confidence to do something positive for themselves like getting a scholarship or a job.

Have a look at our Case Studies to read about many people who's lives have been changed for the better through power of sport and physical activity.

Primary school games competitors warming up prior to the competition

School games is an integral  part of our work as we try to bring together as many schools across the county as possible so the children can take part in competitive sports and activities.

During the day, the children also get the opportunity to enjoy a range of Try It activities (such as hula hooping, kabbadi, pentathlon) to open their eyes to a whole range of different activities. This is open to both primary and secondary schools and runs throughout the academic year.

Across the two Primary School Festivals

  • 76% of the children would recommend taking part to others with 80% rating the day a 9/10 or 10/10
  • 76% said that taking part in school games has given them more confidence to take part in sports
  • 40% of the children who took part said that during the day they had shown teamwork and a quarter said determination
  • The primary school teachers said that school games had provided the children with new opportunities to learn, compete, socialise and try new things whilst impacting positively on their mental health

Across the Secondary School Events

  • 45% of the young people said that taking part in school games has given them more confidence to take part in sports
    • With 53% saying their sporting/activity skills had improved as a result of taking part in school games
  • 79% of the students said that taking part had had a positive impact on their daily life
    • 77% of these students said the positive impact had been related to their mental health
  • The secondary school teachers said that school games had provided the students with new opportunities and had a positive impact on their confidence, motivation and social skills.

The positive impact teachers (both secondary and primary) said school games has had on their students: