Energize Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin is working hard to get people across the County more active. We work with four key audiences identified in our strategy to help us have the greatest impact in the local area.

Full Impact Report 2018/19

Here is an overview of our progress in the last quarter - July to September 2019:

  • 4 new and a total of 96 active satellite clubs, offering more than 20 different activities.
  • We have supported 15 local organisations and clubs to develop and gain funding. 
  • We have run 6 training courses with  84 people attending. 
  • We have had 65 new referrals for Elevate - postural stability classes for those 60 years and over.  
  • 15 adults and 111 young leaders have volunteered for Energize in last quarter.  
  • There are now 14 active Special Olympics clubs.
  • We have 12 Energize Champions. 

The numbers provide one side of this story however, the impact that we are having goes far beyond.

Using activity as a vehicle to improve people’s lives, we are able to demonstrate that Energize is having a much broader social impact on the individuals we are working with.

Whether this be helping people with drug and alcohol addictions, making someone’s life easier by making them more mobile and able to play with their grandchildren or just giving people the confidence to do something positive for themselves like getting a scholarship or a job.

Have a look at our Case Studies to read about many people who's lives have been changed for the better through power of sport and physical activity.

Satellite clubs, funded by Sport England, allow us to provide regular activity sessions for young people aged 14 to 19 across the County. At Energize, the focus is around the most vulnerable young people including survivors of CSE, looked after children and young people, young carers as well as those those that struggle with substance misuse, mental illness or negative behaviour.

We work hard to try to match the young people with the right activity for them in the hope that they engage with the sessions and ultimately enjoy themselves to encourage them to develop active habits. Organised by skilled individuals with much experience of working with vulnerable young people, the sessions are designed to help on other levels than just being more physically active such as confidence building, communication and social skills.

A satellite club designed for young people - within a pupil referral unit - who have medical conditions that effect their lives, including some who are struggling with high levels of anxiety, based around mountain biking has demonstrated huge positive impact. In just 16 weeks, it has seen:-

  • The amount of young people achieving 60 minutes of physical activity a day rise from under a third (27%) to 100%
  • Confidence levels have almost doubled
  • Aspiration levels increase by almost 40%

Participants also noted improvements in their learning abilities, communication skills, contribution aims and support networks.


Chatting to the participants has also helped to highlight how they are benefiting from the satellite club:

  • “I feel so much closer to all of my friends because of the club”
  • “I have never liked ‘sport’ but here, I don’t feel like I'm being judged or anyone is competing with me”
  • “Cycling makes my problems not seem as bad”
  • “Thanks to the coach, I have now been able to get my first ever bike so that I can ride to college every day”
  • “Cycling has helped me deal with exam stress. I have dealt with the pressure far better than I thought I would”