Energize Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin is working hard to get people across the County more active. We work with four key audiences identified in our strategy to help us have the greatest impact in the local area.

Full Impact Report 2018/19

Here is an overview of our progress in the last quarter - October - December 2019:

  • 3 new and a total of 96 active satellite clubs, offering more than 20 different activities.
  • We supported 10 local organisations and clubs to develop and gain funding. 
  • We organised 5 training courses with  68 people attending. 
  • We received 54 new referrals for 11 Active Elevate classes - postural stability classes for those 60 years and over.  
  • 180 young leaders volunteered for Energize in last quarter.  
  • There are 14 active Special Olympics clubs.
  • We have 11 Energize Champions who visited different schools.
  • We worked with 2 new businesses locally as part of the Energize your Workplace project. 

The numbers provide one side of this story however, the impact that we are having goes far beyond.

Using activity as a vehicle to improve people’s lives, we are able to demonstrate that Energize is having a much broader social impact on the individuals we are working with.

Whether this be helping people with drug and alcohol addictions, making someone’s life easier by making them more mobile and able to play with their grandchildren or just giving people the confidence to do something positive for themselves like getting a scholarship or a job.

Have a look at our Case Studies to read about many people who's lives have been changed for the better through power of sport and physical activity.

Update on the Elevate Programme 

Elevate classes are designed to improve strength and balance for local people aged 60+

We ask all participants to give us three words to describe how they feel BEFORE joining the classes and AFTER completing the 20 week programme. 

Here is a summary of their comments.

Before taking part...                                                                          After taking part...


We use the industry standard ‘Net Promoter Score’ to assess how happy our participants are with their experience and how likely they are to encourage others to attend on a scale of 1-10.

Elevate has been scored Excellent at: 92%

At the beginning of the 20 week course, each participant undertakes two practical assessments both of which show the improvements the majority of people make over this period.

Timed up and go score (time taken to walk around a chair and back)

78% of people improved, 10% maintained, 12% have slowed / declined

(We noted that some of those who have declined have shared that they needed to ‘slow down’ and have been rushing around which may have caused them to lose their balance previously)

180 degree turn (steps taken to stand from a chair, turn and sit on another)

61% of people have improved, 34% have maintained, 5% have slowed / declined

Some quotes from recent participants...

“Learning how to get up off the floor has given me the confidence to have my first bath in 2 years”

“I arrived feeling lethargic, drained & soon feel transformed. Like plugging into a light socket”