Big Lottery 4 year Shropshire Providers Consortium project 2014-2018

A pilot programme to explore and challenge the perceptions around physical activity and the various barriers for people with disabilities to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

The key outcomes of the project:

  • More activities available in the community, with experienced and qualified staff offering safe, welcoming and fun environment
  • Engaged with the social care sector, providing training for staff understanding their challenges, and what considerations we need to support more staff and their service users
  • Supporting people in the community – provided a one-to-one buddy support programme providing a person-centred approach using behaviour change and assessments to track and monitor motivation and considerations needed to empower disabled people to be active in their community
  • Gathering many pieces of insight, to understand our County and the needs of many disabled people who are leading isolated, inactive lives with poor mental health.


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