Opening Schools Facilities Fund FAQs

Who can apply for the fund? 

Any primary or secondary school who wishes to open their facilities to extend their physical activity offer outside of school hours.

Please note that independent schools are not eligible for the fund as the Department for Education has stated the funding is purely for state schools. 

Sixth forms are also not eligible.


What can I spend the funding on? 

The funding can be used to reactivate extra-curricular provision outside of the school day or open up school facilities outside of that offering.  It cannot be used for breakfast club or lunchtime activities as these fall within the school day.

It may be used to purchase equipment to aid the re-start of activities or to help schools open up facilities in a COVID-19 secure manner. For example:


  • To help schools with their own pool on site to safely open them – this can include purchasing water testing kits and plant servicing following guidance from Swim England.
  • To help schools to meet COVID-19 measures by purchasing additional signage, touch free entry points, perspex screens and additional cleaning equipment.
  • To purchase additional sports, activity, and storage equipment.
  • To improve the accessibility of school sports facilities, especially for pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities. This could include buying adaptive sports equipment.
  • Where relevant provide funding for additional short-term staffing challenges which prevent schools from opening facilities or delivering sessions. Please note that the funding cannot be used to pay teachers or teaching assistants for the delivery of opportunities - funding should be used to utilise local club or NGB coaches.

    The staffing aspect where funds could be used is more around being able to utilise local club or NGB coaches.

It cannot be used for capital expenditure.


Can I use the funding to help re-open swimming pools? 

Yes – the funding can be used to help support schools to re-open swimming facilities.


Can the funding be used to support previously open facilities? 

Yes- it can be used to support schools with previously open facilities or schools who wish to open their facilities for the first time.


Can the funding be used to subsidise the cost of transport in rural areas? 

No - paying of transportation costs is not in the scope of this funding as payment of transportation costs would not directly open up school facilities.


Who should the funding support? 

The funding is primarily to support Free School Meals and SEND pupils who might not otherwise have access to physical activity provision.


How much can I apply for? 

As part of our universal offer, up to £1000 can be applied for per school.


Is there a time limit by when the funding must be spent? 

The funding must be spent or committed by 31st August 2021.


Can I use it to help with the Holiday Activity and Food programme? 

If a school is accessing this funding, it would be double funding and not eligible.

If for example, a school wasn’t accessing the funding and wanted to just make a holiday offer in the summer, they could be funded with this investment but only for the activity element.


How do I apply for the fund?

 The application form is online and can be found on our website.  Once you have completed the questions and submitted, a virtual meeting will be set up to discuss your plans in more detail with a member of the Energize team.


When will I hear if my school has been successful? 

Following the virtual meeting with a member of the Energize team, you will receive confirmation of whether your fund has been successful within 7 days.  At that point, we will be in contact to arrange how the funds will be transferred to you.

Please note that funds will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.


Who should I contact with any queries? 

If you have not heard whether your application has been successful or you have any queries regarding your application, please contact Claire Mansfield [email protected] or Harry Cade [email protected]


Will I have to complete a report on how the funding was spent and its impact? 

As the funder, we will be required to complete reports for Sport England and the Department for Education on the fund’s overall impact.  For that purpose, we may require information from you in order to review how the funding has helped to support your plans.