...is to improve lives and empower communities through the power of physical activity and sport.

We are a local charity and one of 42 organisations within the Active Partnerships network who work collaboratively with local and national partners to create the conditions for an active nation using the power of sport and physical activity to transform lives.

At Energize, we're on a mission to influence change at all levels so that living an active lifestyle is normal behaviour for individuals, organisations and the whole of society. We strive to tackle inactivity and address inequalities in participation. Our aim is to make sure that equality, diversity and inclusion run through everything we do as an organisation. 

To find out how we are delivering against this mission, read more in our What we Do pages. 

And to understand our whole strategy, download here Actively Improving Lives Strategy 2018


Our Values

Considerate: Our aim is to listen first, to try and understand and to appreciate the circumstances of both the beneficiaries and the partners we work with. 

Innovative: We try to offer new perspectives and new ways of working - using our networks, experience and access to national expertise. 

Empowering: We aim to help to develop the skills of the people we work with so they have less reliance on us or others and ultimately can be more sustainable in the future. 

Professional: We care about the work we do and the people we work with - if we say we are going to do something we always aim to deliver to the highest standard.