Bobby was a 14 year old male who lived at home with his mother and younger siblings and had been identified as a care giver due to his mother’s chronic medical condition.

He had low self-esteem and demonstrated aggressive and controlling behaviours that were affecting his family, his education and at risk of spilling over into the local community. Following a referral to the More than Sport project, it was identified that Bobby had a passion for catering, but also needed an outlet for his frustrations.

He was introduced to a local boxing club, which he really enjoyed, and it helped reduce the tension and frustrations he had been feeling. An approach was also made to a local sports club that incorporated a small café and we were able to set Bobby up with a volunteering placement at weekends.

Feedback from the café staff indicated that Bobby blossomed within his placement and twelve months on he still regularly attends. Bobby’s mother said she couldn't thank the project enough for the positive change she had seen in him.

She said Bobby’s confidence and self-esteem had come on leaps and bounds and the behaviours he was previously displaying had gone.

Bobby fed back that his volunteering placement was going well and he was really enjoying it. He said it has had a really positive impact on him including at school.

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