National and local guidance and support to help primary schools deliver socially distanced and inclusive physical activity.

Updated: 4 September, 2020

Schools' importance in boosting physical activity

Sport England:

Lockdown has had a big impact on children's activity levels.  Read why the reopening of schools is an important moment to help increase the amount of sport and activity young people are doing.

Delivering socially distanced physical activity

The Association for Physical Education:

The Association for Physical Education has published guidance to support the Physical Education, School Sport and Physical Activity (education based) workforce. It will help to effectively identify the areas to consider, the suggested practice and the potential implications. Click here to download the guide.

Read the updated AfPE Covid-19 Guidance to Interpreting the Government Guidance in a PESSPA context here.

UK Active:

UK Active's framework seeks to support staff working in schools and facilities to deliver physical activity programming in the safest way possible, focusing on measures that can be put in place to deliver activity clubs and out of school provision post COVID-19.  Click here to download the guide.

Coronavirus support for schools

The Youth Sport Trust have put together a range of guides to help schools recover from the consequences of Covid-19 and provide ideas for delivery of school sport.  These documents should be used in conjunction with the latest government guidance.

Safe Return of School Sport - Framework and Planning Tool:

This tool poses questions and provides principles to ensure that the provision of physical activity and sporting opportunities support the most vulnerable, help students re-socialise and to rebuild their physical, social and emotional confidence.

School Sport and Enrichment Response to Covid-19:

School sport through enrichment can be used to help settle ALL children and young people on return to school post COVID-19 by providing opportunities for challenge, connectedness and friendship, giving young people support and a sense of belonging whilst having fun. This document gives ideas for activities, their intent and the delivery mechanism.

PE Response to Covid-19 for SEND children:

This resource provides you with some suggested activities for inclusive PE to help pupils return to school linked to the impact of COVID-19.

Primary PE teaching tips:

This resource provides you with some suggested teaching principles for primary PE to help keep children safe and take care of their wellbeing.

Bubble Leadership:

Bubble Leadership is an exciting new concept and toolkit that aims to support you to implement a leadership model that aims to support, encourage and motivate pupils to take part in sport, physical activity and play opportunities within the parameters of the Government’s COVID-19 return to school guidelines. For further details and to access the resource, click here.

Imoves' report 'Active Every Day - Teaching Physical Education in Primary Schools in the Covid Era' will take you through 5 steps which will help you deliver PE curriculum across your school.

Swim England returning to pools guidance

In addition to their Returning to Pools Guidance  document, Swim England also have a series of more general Coronavirus (Covid-19) FAQs, which have been updated with the latest advice and information throughout the pandemic.

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