There are many external tools and resources, which are available to the public to obtain further information and insight about activity levels and the population.

Active Lives Online

This tool contains all the up to date active lives data from November 2015 to May 2018. By using this tool, you are able to analyse the results you are interested in based on three different dimensions (activities, locations and people).

Sport England Active Lives Data Tool

Interactive Map of Childhood Activity

The Sport and Recreation Alliance have developed an interactive tool which shows childhood activity levels by local authority area. This was put together when the first Children and Young People's Active Lives Survey (2017/18) was released and will hopefully be updated annually with the latest figures providing a visual display of where children are more and less active across England.

Childhood Activity Levels by Local Authority Interactive Tool

Market Segmentation

This is a Sport England tool that divides the population into nineteen sporting segments. You are then able to see which segments are living in set areas as well as work out what type of sporting activities are going on in set areas or what people would like to do.

 Sport England Segmentation Tool

Active Places Power

Using this tool, you can find out what facilities are available in certain areas. For instance, it can tell you how many sports halls there are in a county. It allows you to understand about the facilities including exactly what is on site.

Active Places Tool

The Fingertips Tool

Put together with the Public Health Profiles, this is a fantastic tool for easily breaking down health information and providing clear comparisons between areas and the national state using a simple RAG rating.

Fingertips Tool

Shropshire Council

The Shropshire Council website has a page called “Information, intelligence and insight” which has some brilliant information about the Shropshire local authority area. There is also a useful link called “Maps” which showcases the area using GIS Maps.

Shropshire Council Information

Telford and Wrekin Council

Similarly, Telford and Wrekin Council have page called “Facts and figures” which provides a solid overview of the Telford and Wrekin local authority area.

Telford & Wrekin Information

Office of National Statistics (ONS)

The ONS website is useful for providing up to date information on a whole array of topics from population estimates to how people spend their time. Some of this information can funnelled down into more local based information as well as giving the national picture.

ONS Data

The Sport England Local Insight Tool

Put together by Sport England, this tool allows users to visualise Sport England data on a local level. Additionally, users can map out many open data sources, providing insight into a wide range of socio-economic and demographic data down to the neighbourhood scale. Users can download reports and compare local insights to England as a whole.

Sport England Local Insight Tool