“I really enjoyed getting out with all the kids”

About the pilot 

The Healthy Lifestyles Team from T&W Council highlighted areas of need within the borough and the initial focus was on Donnington.

Working with schools, the aim was to help families to use existing technology (phones, tablets etc) in a different way – encouraging active screen time and building healthy habits.

What happened next?

Families from 4 schools completed a detailed questionnaire aimed at understanding current activity levels. 

The 4 schools involved were:

  • Wrockwardine Wood Junior School
  • Donnington Wood Primary School 
  • Lilleshall Primary School 
  • Holmer Lake Primary School

Overall 140 households of 505 people completed the survey – 111 men, 123 women, 141 boys, 130 girls.

One of the things the questionnaire results told us was what level and type of technology families have at home...

Graph of technology used in homes      

We were also able to see how much time families spent being active together...

Graph showing activity patterns in households

Schools were then given suggestions for a full week of activities to do out of school with the family - mostly using the technology.

For example...

  • Using a timer on your phone, smart speaker, watch, clock, cooking timer, etc. Count how many star jumps / push- ups / sits up you and the people in your household can do in a minute. Repeat this 3 times and see whether the scores improve by recording them all.
  • Spend ten minutes doing one of the “Change for life” shakes up - https://www.nhs.uk/10-minute-shake-up/shake-ups
  • Try Geocaching and see what you can find in your local area - https://www.geocaching.com/play 
  • Go for a 10 minute walk around the block together and using a pedometer (available to download as free apps, many phones have them built in, using a fitbit etc), count how many steps you do.

5 schools carried on with further work…

Including Wrockwardine Wood Junior School where 40 students and families were involved.

Here are some of the activities they came up with...

  • Went walking every night
  • Children helping to prep vegetables for meals
  • Eating meals together around a table
  • Trying new vegetables / swapping sugary snacks for fruit
  • Getting up and moving around in the ad breaks
  • Listening walks

And some great quotes...

  •  “Loved the geo-caching. Never tried that before”
  • “I really enjoyed getting out with all the kids”
  • “A new use for my phone”
  •  “Didn’t know we had an outdoor gym near us.”


Lilleshall Primary School used the Energize Summer Holiday Family Challenge