There's a lot of talk about the need for 'collaborative leadership' in our industry at the moment. Engaging with new partners across health, criminal justice, children's and adult social care all requires the ability to empathise, listen, learn and follow as well as occasionally taking the lead when required.

If you want to see this in action go and watch Bohemian Rhapsody because as well as being a very entertaining film - who wouldn't love to watch Freddy rip it up at Wembley during Live Aid and the 70's fashion on display is worth the entrance fee alone.

But back to collaborative leadership - answer this question 'who was the leader of Queen'? The temptation might be to say it was Freddy Mercury but if you've watched the film you'll know it was a collective effort - they were a family - and one of the things that probably made them great was their diversity.

Not just of background but also, of course, diversity of thought - when you combine this with collaborative leadership (I think they called it a family) style it made for magic. And what a kind of magic. Of course we don't know how much is artistic licence but I think the Brian May role was really crucial - open minded when Freddy (or Farrokh as he was called then) naively offered to join the band and constantly supporting others with their ideas throughout the film.

May brokered peace, was prepared to try new things and occasionally put forward his own thoughts and ideas - you sense he was prepared to fail in following his art and was always willing to listen. Of course Brian May was also a genius lead guitar player - but what comes across in the film is much more than this. Can we create this culture in our industry?

I think that is what is being asked of us. Some of you might say you already have and I do know there are some really tremendous families of sport and activity around the country including in Shropshire and Telford where I work.

Queen talked about the audience being part of the show and they wrote songs / anthems to help them to join in. It's a metaphor but that's clearly what we've got to do - be creative, know our audiences, welcome diversity and deliver experiences above and beyond.

What do you think? I'd really like to hear of other peoples thoughts and experiences on this topic?