#TogetherWeMove champions are local people who care passionately about the benefits of moving more and have joined the movement to inspire many more people to improve their lives by getting active.


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Paul Kalinauckas

In my mid 50's I was unfit, overweight and eventually diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. I was struggling to tie my shoelaces, until one day enough was enough and I decided to do something to improve my health. I used to hate running but after spotting a newspaper article about the launch of a beginners running course, I thought I'd give it a go. Ten years on, at the age of 68 years young, I have seen massive improvements in my health and well-being. The new me is slimmer and lighter having achieved my optimum weight. As a convert to recreational running, I also qualified as a Run Leader with England Athletics and took an additional coaching qualification. 

I support #TogetherWeMove because I know from my own lived experience how monumentally life changing having an active lifestyle can be. I want to help as many people as possible to improve their lives, as I did.

I plan to use my skills as a 'resource investigator' to bring people, ideas and resources together. I will...

  • Encourage more Groups I have been involved in setting up, to become self-sufficient
  • Encourage Telford & Wrekin Council to develop a programme of Outdoor Gym Circuits
  • Work with Shropshire Cycle Hub to set up a new cycling initiative to get more people cycling in Wellington 
  • Encourage the development of initiatives getting more people moving from certain groups of society
  • Promote models that bring people together to enjoy fun activities that enable them to move more 
  • Promote links with social prescribers



Michelle Turner

Michelle Turner

Physical Activity Clinical Champion for the Midlands

Adult Diabetic Specialist Nurse, Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust

Practice Nurse for Shrewsbury Primary Care Network Group Consultation Pilot

I want to be part of #TogetherWeMove because... I believe there needs to be a more joined up approach to raise profile of benefits of physical activity. There are so many organisations, individuals and plenty of great resources and spaces to support an active lifestyle across our county but we can reach more people if we work more closely together.

To promote physical activity, I am... delivering training on physical activity to clinical champions, discussing regularly with all my colleagues but I am keen to connect with others – we will be stronger together.

I will share #TogetherWeMove on social media and introduce other professionals and patients who I think would be great champions.



Kate Lubinska

Kate Lubinska

Health Champion for Telford & Wrekin

Student of Physical Activity, Nutrition and Health, University of Derby

I want to be part of #TogetherWeMove because... I would like to share with other people my knowledge of a healthy lifestyle. Physical activity has a wonderful and therapeutic impact on our body and mind. I would like to explain how to enjoy an active lifestyle and include physical activity in your daily routine.

To promote physical activity, I am... active every day, which sets a good example for people around me. I also act as a Health Champion in Telford & Wrekin, where we show others the benefits of being active. Every Saturday, I support the Telford ParkRun at Telford Town Park. We are walking, jogging, running, just having fun! :)

I will share #TogetherWeMove in every possible way! 😊 especially on my social media and at events in which I participate.

Read Kate’s inspiring story


Naomi Wrighton

Naomi Wrighton

"I was no use at sports at school but had a love of cycling as transport, and for pleasure, from about aged 12.  I joined a touring cycling club (on my own) at 16, then the local Youth Hostel Association (YHA) group which introduced me to walking and hills. I haven’t looked back since, adding orienteering and running in my 40s. I still walk, run and cycle regularly. Now I try to give back to walking in particular. I am chair of Ramblers Well-being Walks -Telford and Wrekin and secretary for a couple of groups 'Wellington Walkers are Welcome' and 'Friends of the Telford T50' 50 Mile Trail."

I support #TogetherWeMove because .. the aims align perfectly with mine. It is a tremendous benefit to people’s physical and mental health to move more within their limits. 

I help more and more people get active by creating opportunities across the whole of Telford & Wrekin for anyone to join a walk from shorter, easy to manage routes to tackling the whole T50 50 mile trail and everything in between. In particular, I am one of instigators of the new Telford Coronation Walks which aim to give everyone a short walk within easy reach. 

I will… continue to promote the wonderful routes and pathways around Telford & Wrekin but will also try and find opportunities for helping those not currently active to get involved through bench walks and by helping to create the new Telford Coronation Walks in very accessible areas. I will also continue to advocate both walking and running at Telford Park Run. 


Ross Wilkinson



GP Champion for Physical Activity, West Midlands, OHID since 2015

Shrewsbury PCN Group Consultation Pilot Lead GP

I support #TogetherWeMove because… I passionately believe in the benefits of an active life to support good physical and mental health for anyone, of any age. I incorporate this thinking into all my work, in GP practices, when working in Urgent Care, in my role as GP champion for Physical Activity. More recently I have completed the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine (BSLM) diploma and am keen to promote their belief that chronic diseases can be prevented, managed and even put into remission by properly applied lifestyle medicine principles. In addition, I am on a personal mission to drive the concept of both Group Consultations in Shropshire and the concept of Prehabilitation prior to surgery – the idea that ‘lifestyle medicine’ such as good sleep, the right nutrition and plenty of appropriate movement, can all have significant benefits for people due to undergo surgery.

I will… continue to focus on all of the above and connect with others in #TogetherWeMove to ensure we gain the benefits of sharing and collaborating to have the greatest impact in our County.


George Hounsell


George Hounsell

George has many interlinked roles, all aimed at helping young people and the wider community have opportunities for an active lifestyle.

Director of Primary Sport, Health & Community – Marches Academy Trust (6 primaries, 4 secondary, 1 special educational needs school, 3 sixth forms and 1 teaching school). 

Focused on sustainability, ensuring PE is part of the teacher’s role and there is no need to bring in external coaches.


Foundation Lead – 4 All Foundation 

All activities run in 4 All Foundation venues are at low cost and cover areas including Shrewsbury, Telford, Whitchurch, and Market Drayton. As George says, if you can’t afford a loaf of bread, you can’t afford £5 for yoga! Activities range from adult crochet to active toddler sessions. 

Co-ordinator – North Shropshire District Association 

North Shropshire Football Primary Schools Football Association - supporting gifted and talented children. All about supporting more young people to get involved.

I support #TogetherWeMove because… I believe we need more opportunities for people to be active and in particular more inclusive opportunities which are open to all those who want to get involved, whatever their age or background.

I will… help find more champions through our network of schools and community groups across the County. I will also share our own and the work of other #TogetherWeMove champions on social media.


Owen Thomas

Owen Thomas

Owen was diagnosed with a rare chromosome disorder at the age of 3 months old, which has impacted his ability to learn and speak and means he has some mobility issues.  He is also autistic and lives with Attention Difficulties and Hyperactivity Disorder.

But this is definitely not holding him back from getting involved in a huge variety of activities. Recently having moved into ‘Supported Living’, Owen has an extremely busy week which is critical not only for his physical health but also for his mental health, and of course, is a great opportunity to make and meet up with friends.


Here is a snapshot from Owen’s calendar…

Image of Owen Thomas

I support #TogetherWeMove because… I want to inspire other young adults like me to have a go at new activities, to look after themselves and to stay well.

I will… share my stories to promote the great organisations who help me be active, inspire others to try new things and talk to anyone who wants to know how being active helps me every day.


Claire Wagner

Healthy Lives Advisor

Teacher of Health and Social Care, Shrewsbury College

Every day I do something to keep myself active, finding all sorts of opportunities within a busy working day to keep myself fit. I’m a keen runner, cyclist, walker and avid gym goer, but I’m at my happiest when I’m outdoors in the fresh air.




I support #TogetherWeMove because…I’m a real advocate for the physical and mental health benefits that being active brings. In my work as a Healthy Lives Advisor, I provide social prescribing with both adults and young people. I am fortunate to be able to work in a coaching capacity, empowering and motivating others to increase their activity levels, whilst respecting different needs and abilities. I believe that working in a personalised way is key to reducing inactivity. Every individual can in some way enhance their life through moving more and enjoying the benefits of being outdoors.  

To promote physical activity, I… share my love of exercise with patients and believe I am a good role model for this. I encourage people to identify for themselves ways to become more active and improve their well-being overall. I often go out for walks with the young people I see, because there’s such a positive relationship between nature, physical health and young people’s development. It’s also a great way to build a relationship and improve mood.

I plan to... develop new, different, fun ways to increase activity levels amongst young people and will work with other social prescribers, community connectors and wider community groups to pioneer this approach.


Wendy Marston 

Community Engagement Lead for Shropshire Community Leisure Trust

Exercise on Referral Trainer / Group Exercise Class Instructor / Hill Walking Guide

As I approached my 50th year, and after years of enjoying sport and exercise as a hobby, I decided to make a career leap into the health and fitness industry.  I am now incredibly lucky to be able to support people each and every day to become more active and healthier.



I support #TogetherWeMove because... I know we can work more closely as practitioners and commissioners alike to put activities on the ground to support everyone in our communities.

I will... link and work with other Champions to share experiences, promote the work we do and support efforts to build the #TogetherWeMove Community.



Paul Burton

Paul Burton 

Paul encourages his local community to have an active lifestyle.

In 2020 when the Pandemic started I decided to retire a year early and from early beginnings which included getting back to nature and doing my local covid exercises in local green spaces, I learnt to appreciate the wellbeing aspects of nature and exercise. With time on my side I decided that I would put my energy into helping others and this in turn has now led to the following:




  • Digital Training for Seniors
  • Reader for East Shropshire Talking Newspaper
  • Buddy Call for Age UK
  • Promoting Mens Yoga – Menoga
  • Walking in Shropshire’s finest – Apley Woods, Attingham Park and Haughmond Hill


I support #TogetherWeMove because... I’m constantly trying to get people engaged in activities which will help their wellbeing and exercise and I get a great buzz from this.

I will... further my encouragement and promotion in people doing things to better themselves and encourage movement and exercise for everyone. The wellbeing side is also very important to me and through my links with Menoga would like to see this area in particular increased throughout the County. Positivity, encouragement and my listening ability will be my tools to further the cause of getting people involved in things.


Image of Deb Wilding running

Deb Wilding

Mum to 3 boys, employee at Donnington Community Hub, Running Coach and supporter of people, helping them find the benefits of an active life. 

“I was never a runner, in fact at school I hated PE or doing anything active. I only really found running in 2018 and thank goodness I did. Me and a friend decided to try the Couch to 5k app, failed twice, it was only once we joined a coached 5km programme, that I got the bug. It was such a huge turning point in my life, helping me through some difficult times, to move on and for the first time, giving me some self-belief.” 

In 2019 I was approached to become a run leader to run a Couch to 5k Programme within the local community for 10 weeks. I set up Donnington Runners, this is where I found I could help others in the way running helped me. In 2022 I trained as an England Athletics Running Coach.

I support #TogetherWeMove because... I want to help others to have all the benefits I have found from running. I particularly enjoy supporting people who have challenges to overcome and get so much joy from seeing them achieve goals and grow in confidence. I am looking forward to connecting with the other champions. 

I will... Continue to run Donnington Runners and support people to start and continue their running journeys. I will also support any other initiative I can which helps local people enjoy an active lifestyle - for example using the outdoor gyms across Telford & Wrekin. 


Abi Lowe-Werrell

Healthy Lives Advisor

Being active has been a constant in my life, from a childhood of nature walks and school sports to exploring the British ‘wilds’ in my teens and early 20’s and climbing around the world.  My professional career has seen me supporting people to live their ‘healthiest’ life and seeing the impact ‘just a little more’ physical activity can make.





I want to be part of #TogetherWeMove because... I have seen how being active at any age brings a wide range of benefits.  That although aging is inevitable, exercise can slow it’s progress and enable us to live healthier, more vigorous lives.  I understand that although it can be hard to keep moving when you live with pain; staying active can help reduce pain and increase independence.  I have seen that being physically active can also help manage the symptoms of other life changes such as Menopause.  Exercise at this time can give women a way of ‘taking back control’ of their lives and redefining a new, ‘maturing’ self.

I will... enthusiastically promote physical activity, in all it’s forms, to my Social Prescribing colleagues across the county, through our group discussions, making sure that it can form part of discussion with all their patients.  I will also seek to support and expand community activities that have are based in physical activity; especially those with a focus on aging.

What will you do to be more active?  Can you take 10 more steps than yesterday?



Ray Pickett 

I have been a hill walker for around 45 years but never anything more than that. Following a period of ill health in 2013 I was recommended to take up something more aerobic. I knew about the NHS couch to 5k programme so followed that to completion then by chance the NSPCC sent me some information about the Great North Run. From there my love of running was born.




I recognised that I needed to do something different if I wanted to improve so I joined the local running club, Oswestry Olympians. I have run with the club ever since and I am currently the club secretary, race director for the Gyrn Gallop and general run related volunteer. In 2018 I helped with the set-up of the parkrun in Oswestry to which I am currently Co-Event Director and a volunteer co-ordinator.

A few years ago, I retired from paid employment and started to look at what I need to do to keep myself fit and healthy for as long as I can. I am now working on a 30-year plan which will see me through to my mid-90s. Aside from looking after my own health and wellbeing I have found that I enjoy encouraging other people on their fitness journey and see #TogetherWeMove as a natural progression.

I have learnt that the benefits of regular exercise, good nutrition, good sleep and social connection are important to live well for a longer period of time. I like to think of "micro lifestyle changes" rather than wholesale changes which are often not maintained.

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