In 2017 Kate and her husband Marcin made the very difficult decision to leave their home in Poland and move to the UK. The reason was very simple – they needed to work and there just weren’t the opportunities at that time in Poland. They decided to relocate to Telford as Marcin already had family there, but this didn’t mean things were in anyway straightforward.

One of the many challenges was that Kate could speak no English, it’s hard enough moving to an alien place to find work but with no local language skills either this was tough. However, Kate and Marcin were determined and via a job agency were able to get work in a factory within a few days of arriving.

Determined is certainly the right word for Kate, because not only did she focus on the new job, but she also emersed herself in books and conversations to learn English as quickly as possible. But there was another challenge she had lived with for a while which she now wanted to tackle.

Kate Lubinska“At the time, I was a lot heavier than I should have been. I had thyroid problems and a number of health problems related to my weight, such as being tired, not sleeping well, and suffering with low mood. It was the moment when I decided to change my lifestyle.”

I’m sure many people will relate to how Kate felt back then. It was a real challenge as she had no experience of healthy cooking and had never been to a gym, in her own country, let alone in a completely new and foreign environment.

So, with her gritty determination Kate started watching videos on the internet and doing workouts at home and after a few weeks built up the confidence to join a gym and improved her understanding of how to lose weight. At home, she started her health focus by cutting back on sweets and processed meals. And again, used the internet to search for healthy meals and how to prepare them.

Whilst she knew she had to make changes as her health was suffering, it was still very hard to focus day in day out on healthy eating and regular exercise. But slowly, it became easier as days became weeks and weeks became months.

Today Kate says it is how she lives her life and whilst she saw the benefits of exercise and healthier eating after only a few weeks, the challenge is never ending as she needs to stick to this way of life.

“My entire life is one invaluable benefit right now šŸ˜Š Healthy hormonal balance, healthy skin and hair, high quality of sleep, lots of energy every day, slim body, great condition and strength.”

But the story doesn’t finish there. Inspired by the dramatic changes to her own lifestyle after losing over 35kgs or 5 stone in weight, alongside her job, Kate successfully completed a foundation year degree at De Montford University and is now part way through a full degree in Physical Activity, Nutrition & Health at the University of Derby. She will graduate in 2025…all whilst still working as a machine setter at Kraft Heinz.

AND in addition to all that, Kate is a volunteer Health Champion for Telford & Wrekin Council and is starting a Personal Trainer level 3 course with a view to switching her career to focusing on physical activity and nutrition.

Kate says it is no longer difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle as it part of her everyday routine. The healthy meals give her the energy to do everything she needs and achieving her goals motivates her to do more and more.

After such an amazing 5 years turning her life around completely and becoming fluent in English, what advice would Kate pass on to anyone finding themselves in a similar position.

“Consider your own needs and desired improvements. No matter where you are, you can include daily exercise in your routine, it can be at home, we don’t all need to go to the gym. In terms of healthy eating, learn more about this topic and look for places to shop in your area and find meals that work for you.”