Energize has recently provided funding from Sport England's Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games to With You. The purpose was to support people receiving help for issues with drugs, alcohol and mental health focusing on angling sessions.

Spending time outdoors is widely recognised for its calming and relaxing effects and being around water can have a natural meditative effect on the mind, helping to alleviate anxiety. Combining this with an engaging activity like angling offers not only physical activity but also opportunities for reflection and focus. 

In collaboration with Community Led Initiative, 'We Are With You' seeks to empower their clients by developing their angling skills. The goal is not solely focused on how individuals feel, but rather assisting each other to find practical ways to cope with life's challenges.

Through the shared experience of angling, the sessions are creating a mutually beneficial and supportive community.

Michelle Pullen, Empowering Communities Manager at Energize STW said:

"The angling sessions have proved to be a resounding success and improved the mental wellbeing of those involved. The support of a dedicated volunteer who coached the attendees contributed to this positive outcome."

Emma, representing Community Led Initiatives, is committed to continuing the search for activities that promote physical activity and support the community's positive progress towards a better future. She welcomes collaboration and is open to exploring further ideas to empower and assist the community. If you have any suggestions or would like to be part of their efforts, feel free to contact Emma using the details below.

Emma Harrison, Recovery Community Development Coordinator, email [email protected] or 07718 656100.  

Angling sessions delivered by We Are With You