The Energize team set themselves a goal at the beginning of the year to take part in RED January, raising awareness for mental wellbeing, by doing something active every day. It felt like a good idea at the time, as we sat around a heavily laden Christmas buffet table and so, before we could reconsider, we created a WhatsApp group for the team.

The WhatsApp group worked remarkably well. Even before the Alka-Seltzer had finished fizzing in our post-New Year glass of water, the first messages started to appear. The Energize team were running, walking and cycling away those Christmas calories.

It was a great opportunity to add some variety into our physical activity. I joined Boxercise, Spin, Yoga and Pilates classes. Knowing that the rest of the team were waiting on updates on daily activity, I’d leave the car at home and jog or walk to appointments and school pick-ups.

The most surprising result was how it inspired the whole family. Our dvd of choice became Davina McCall’s workout!

As the end of January approached I realised I was feeling stronger, fitter, more focussed and with an improved mood. Mind’s website says that 87% of ‘REDders felt significantly better physically and mentally as a result of taking part.

The REDders effect must have been felt across the whole team as since then we have changed the WhatsApp group name to ‘Fabulous in February’ and ‘March Madness’.

Try setting yourself a goal to be more active each day and take note of the changes after just one month.

……. What will April bring, we can only wait and see?