We have satellite club funding available to be able to set up a weekly sports club / activity session targeting 14-19 year olds who fit within the stabilising young lives audience. We work with any vulnerable groups where we can develop a club around their needs, mitigating the barriers of the young people, making the sessions as safe, accessible and affordable as possible.

Through the satellite club funding, we can fund and develop a club for the first year, then will work with organisations to ensure sessions can continue beyond Energize funding.

For more information on satellite clubs, please contact Joe Lockley

Below are examples of these clubs...

Boxing Club - based in Wem, North Shrosphire 

Energize STW were able to provide satellite club funding to create a new boxing club in Wem in Autumn 2018, managed by well-established local club – Salopian Amateur Boxing Club. Working in collaboration with the police and Salopian ABC, we were able to secure twice weekly boxing sessions aimed specifically at young people in the Wem area.

After only a couple of months no complaints had been received by Police regarding anti-social behaviour. Following this postive result, the club has now taken on the lease on the facility to give a more permanent presence in Wem and three young people have already attended boxing leaders award sessions.

Breaking Chains - cycling club based in Woodside, Telford 

This satellite club was founded in August 2017 following a consultation session with service users of A Better Tomorrow (ABT), an abstinence based, residential recovery project that provides supported housing to male adults who are in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. At the consultation cycling was identified as the ideal sport to support recovery. 

Since 2017, Breaking Chains has won local, regional and national awards and attracted further funding to grow the club. But in addition to this, 3 participants have trained to become cycle leaders and the overall number of ABT service users relapsing has reduced. 

Willowdene Fitness - women's fitness club in Bridgnorth 

The club was established in November 2018 to support women at risk of negative behaviour, rehabilitate within the community as part of the Willowdene rehabilitation programme. 

All Women attending sessions have completed nutrition qualifications and due to increased confidence, several members have gone on to join a local gym.

Abuse Victims Boxing  

This club was set up in Autumn 2018 specifically for sexual abuse victims across the County. The primary aim was to reduce anxiety and bring a feel of togetherness for these
young women.

After only a few months, four of the women have transitioned to the main hub boxing club, and two women have trained and now become boxing leaders.