Embracing Moments of Movement for Better Mental Health

At Energize, we passionately believe in the power of movement to enhance both physical and mental health. In celebration of Mental Health Awareness Week 2024, our team came together to promote the importance of mental wellbeing through various engaging activities, showcasing our dedication to fostering a supportive and healthy community.

Sharing our stories: Moments for Movement Video

To inspire others and raise awareness, we created and shared a special video featuring our team members. In this video, we demonstrated how we individually make time for moments of movement, whether it’s a quick stretch during a busy day, a jog in the park, or a calming yoga session. By sharing these personal stories, we aim to encourage our community to find their own ways to integrate movement into their lives, supporting both their physical and mental wellbeing.

Team Walk at Haughmond Hill

One of the highlights of our Mental Health Awareness Week was an invigorating team walk at Haughmond Hill, one of Forestry England's wellbeing trails. This beautiful setting provided the perfect backdrop for us to connect with nature, relieve stress, and enjoy the benefits of physical activity. Walking together after work not only strengthened our team bond but also underscored the importance of incorporating movement into our daily routines for better mental health.

An image showing photos of the Energize STW team during our wellbeing walk at Haughmond Hill in Shropshire

#WearItGreen Day: Standing in Solidarity

On Wear It Green Day (Thursday 16th May) our team proudly wore green attire to show our solidarity and raise awareness for mental health support. Wearing green served as a powerful visual statement of our commitment to breaking the stigma around mental health conditions and promoting the resources available for those in need. This collective action not only provided something for the team to do together, but also reinforced our message of unity and support for mental health awareness.

An image sowing four photos of the Energize STW team wearing green items of clothing

Join us in promoting mental health

Mental Health Awareness Week is a crucial reminder of the importance of mental wellbeing. At Energize, we are dedicated to continuing our efforts to support mental health within our team and the broader community. We encourage everyone to try to find their own moments for movement. 

Together, we can help to create a healthier, more connected community.