A new strategy promoting the benefits of movement to tackle inequalities across Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin has been officially launched today.

Energize, the county’s active partnership and registered charity, is urging people to get behind its campaign under the #TogetherWeMove banner.

During the pandemic, a huge shift was made in Energize’s day-to-day work to support those most affected by Covid-19, including people with disabilities and long-term health conditions.

It invested over £148,000 of Sport England and Lottery Funding into local charities and community groups during 2020 and 2021 supporting those most in need to stay connected and keep moving to benefit their physical and mental wellbeing.

Following on from this work, Energize has now launched a five-year strategy, underpinned by a collective purpose to tackle inequalities through the benefits of physical activity.

At a recent #TogetherWeMove event, engaging key organisations across the health, social care, education, and community sectors, Energize said this mission really struck a chord with many people - personally and professionally.

Partnership working has always been a key element of Energize’s day-to-day role, and conversations began about how, working together, local organisations could start to make a difference.

Energize chief executive Chris Child said: “We think everyone has a role in helping to make an active life a normal life for all.

“We want to connect people and organisations to better understand the barriers to an active lifestyle and to begin to do something about the inequalities that exist.

“We can’t do it alone, though, so if you think you can help - or even if you think you can’t - we need you all!”

He added: “At Energize we are passionate about the life enhancing benefits of physical activity and we know that starting to move is where the most benefits are for people and society.

“There are too many people whose opportunity is limited, and that’s where we are going to put our efforts over the next five years.”

Energize chair Ray Sheldon said: “We will be endeavouring to galvanise all the good work relating to physical activity already underway in our county and build a social movement that promotes the benefits of activity.

“This strategy is immensely challenging; however, I believe Energize, working with others, can meet this exacting goal.”

To explore the strategy and understand more about how Energize works to help and empower people in the community, visit www.energizestw.org.uk/our-purpose.

Or to get involved further, visit www.energizestw.org.uk/togetherwemove.