The Shrewsbury Branch of the Shropshire Wildlife Trust hosted a Wildflower Walk using the skills of a couple of their volunteers who have a passion for Botany. The walk started from the Sports Village Sundorne, Shrewsbury along towards Haughmond Hill.

A number of people came along on the morning which included two couples, neither of which had been involved or joined in with any Shropshire Wildlife Trust activities before. The group took their time and really engaged looking at the flowers and fauna and found the experience relaxing and informative. 

The idea to arrange the walk came from the Shrewsbury Branch's involvement in the Keep on Moving Festival held in May 2022. The Branch were keen to hold a short walk for people whose mobility had decreased during lockdown. 

The walk was a great success and another is planned for Autumn 2023, again using the knowledge and passion of the two Trust volunteers who are happy to take the lead and share their knowledge.

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