Viv has recently become a volunteer with Telford Boccia after introducing her daughter to the sport.


After discovering the Boccia club through work, Viv took her daughter along as other mainstream clubs were not suitable for her. This is when she began helping out at coaching sessions. 


Viv has now been on the committee for a year - setting up a rota allowing players to experience different aspects of the sport such as umpiring and help coach other individuals and teams. One simple change enables players to use the kitchen facilities, which they were previously unable to access. This gives players the confidence and independence to socialise and learn key life skills.


“Very rewarding but challenging at times,” is how Viv describes her volunteering experience.  She explains how communicating with all the individuals involved can prove frustrating. One of the biggest challenges she faces is keeping the players motivated, to keep practicing and improve their performance.


However, Viv explained how she can see the participants benefitting hugely from being involved. It gives them a purpose as they work hard not only playing, but supporting through the umpiring of games. On a personal level she is enjoying seeing the players grow and develop too.


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