Mark is a PGA Golf Professional at Lilleshall Golf Club and is currently coaching a group of six pupils from Hadley Learning Community as part of a school-a-phobics satellite club. The sessions enable the young people to experience a sport they never thought they would and build their confidence outside of the school environment.


“Helping people is my thing,” Mark explains. “Each session must be targeted to the individual players, allowing the young people to explore outside of their comfort zone.”


“I can see them grow in confidence, in their ability to communicate and work as a team.”


Mark told us how rewarding it is to see the impact of the sessions but explained how challenges arise initially when engaging with the pupils and beginning to change their mind set. He overcomes this challenge through building respect and rapport with everyone.


“Be prepared to do everything you ask of the individuals,” is Mark’s advice to future coaches, expressing the importance of building a level playing field between the coach and young people to develop respect. 


Mark has a lovely way of explaining how he does this. “I don’t like the word understand as it almost has a negative connotation. I prefer to ‘levelstand’ with all the groups I work with – ensuring we are all completely on the same page.”


“Being the biggest kid in the class!” is how Mark describes his own coaching style.