My Paul Kalinauckas

I used to hate running until I discovered the potential health benefits of recreational running. Unfit and overweight at the age of 58 years old, I was struggling to tie my shoelaces, until I decided enough was enough. I knew that I needed to increase my activity rates as I had a somewhat sedentary job, office based and hunched over a computer.

Then I spotted a newspaper article about the launch of a Beginners Running Course by a local Running Club. Thinking this was worth a go, I duly turned up in Telford Town Park to find over 80 people there willing to give it a go as well. After a friendly, welcoming introduction, off we went with intervals of 1 minute running followed by 4 minutes walking. This is a piece of cake I thought until subsequent sessions changed to more running and less walking. However, I was able to keep up even though my body complained a little bit as I struggled to adapt. Fortunately, I liked the social side of running and used to enjoy a good chat whilst out on our running sessions, making new friends along the way.

Now, some 10 years later at the age of 68 years young, I have seen massive improvements in my health and well-being. The new me is slimmer and lighter having achieved my optimum weight. As a convert to recreational running, I also qualified as a Run Leader with England Athletics and took an additional coaching qualification. Now I lead a recreational runners’ session every Wednesday at 5.00 pm in Bowring Park, Wellington.

Ken and Paul - in the hat!

And last week Bowring Runners welcomed a new member - Ken who is 90 years young and thought he would give running a go after seeing Paul's article in the local Over 50s Forum Magazine - go Ken! (Paul's the one in the hat!)

Paul is a #TogetherWeMove champion who takes every opportunity to share his passion for an active lifestyle with others. 

If this sounds like you too, please get in touch here.





If you read this and want to join Paul for a run,please call 07802 385529 or search online for Bowring Runners or running groups at Attingham Park.