In Spring 2019, Jim MacLachlan from TMBSS in Sundorne, Shrewsbury (a pupil referral unit that offers educational support for young people with medical and behavioural issues) with support from Energize established a new after-school cycling club.

Jim works for the school and recognised a need for cycling provision to support the mental and physical wellbeing of a select group of pupils. He is extremely passionate about working with people struggling with mental health and has been delighted to see the positive effect this once a week club has had on all those involved.

“Everyone in the group is really helpful and supportive”


“I feel so much closer to all of my friends because of the club”





“I have never liked ‘sport’ but here, I don’t feel like I'm being judged or anyone is competing with me”


“I am saving up and will one day buy my own bike – it’s going to be the best thing to spend my money on”



“I never thought I would be able to ride a bike, let alone do some of the things I am doing now”


“Cycling has helped me deal with exam stress. I have dealt with the pressure far better than I thought I would”


“Thanks to the coach, I have now been able to get my first ever bike so that I can ride to college every day”

“Cycling makes my problems not seem as bad”




In order to see the real impact of new satellite clubs, Joe Lockley, Engagement Manager - Youth and Community at Energize, uses individual questionnaires to see how participants are feeling before the club starts and after 4 months.

The results speak for themselves…

Do you complete 1 hour of activity a day?

Before: 27%

After 4 months: 100%

I can mostly get my ideas across to a range of people and work in a team

Before: 37.5%

After 4 months: 100%

I believe in myself most of the time

Before: 37.5%

After 4 months: 75%