Isabel and Françoise are both National Trust Volunteers, who recently helped out at the School Games KS3 Orienteering event held at Carding Mill Valley.


A handful of volunteers were located across the orienteering course to help keep the students involved, safe and to offer advice.


Isabel began volunteering at Carding Mill Valley around nine years ago after a friend working at the education centre at the site recommended it to her.


Françoise, another volunteer, has been with the National Trust for around five years, having previously volunteered with the National Trust in Somerset before joining the group at Carding Mill Valley.


Isabel and Françoise described how volunteering benefits them. Seeing the kids enjoying and thriving in the outdoors gives them both a buzz. Françoise explained how life affirming the experience is supporting the young people as they explore what Carding Mill Valley has to offer.


Whilst reaping the benefits, they acknowledge that there are challenges when volunteering in the great outdoors, explaining how they are required to be extra vigilant especially during the orienteering events with younger children to ensure they stay safe whilst out on the course.


However, they understand how their role has a positive impact on the young people. Isabel explained how through volunteering she tries to “change children’s thinking about the natural world”. Whilst Françoise explains how the young people’s self-esteem is boosted through the support they receive from the volunteers who give up their own time.


Françoise’s advice for those considering volunteering is to “just do it” as it is rewarding in so many ways. Isabel’s advice is similar explaining that “you won’t know how much you’ll enjoy it without trying”.

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