Using their pupil voice survey to find out what activities would engage their least active pupils, Lawley Primary School identified basketball and Couch to 5K clubs were the most popular. 

With a daily mile track on site and a willing staff member to run the C25K club, they decided to use their Opening Schools Facilities Fund to purchase new basketball posts.

The after school basketball club was targeted at their least active pupils - only 10% of the attendees had previously been to an after school club with 58% of them stating they did not feel confident and 63% not liking sport or exercise.

The club was a huge success:

  • 100% of pupils said they would attend again
  • 100% said they thought extra-curricular activities helped them to keep fit and healthy
  • 89% stated they enjoy sport and exercise
  • 84% said it had helped them to build friendships.

“My legs and body are much stronger now from all the running”