The aim of the Everyday Cycling Project is to help people cycle some or all of their local journeys. The project is based in Donnington, Telford & Wrekin and is aimed at adults who want to cycle...but it doesn't matter if people have cycled before or not, or even if they have a bike - for those without, the project will provide a refurbished bicycle. 

For more information on the project, sign up using the application form found here or call 07379 301131.

Here are few stories of the people who have been involved so far.

Susanne is a lone parent working full time, her teenage son Thomas lives at home. She learnt to cycle as a child living in a keen cycling community and was a regular cyclist through her late teens to thirties. Her mobility is now significantly decreased due to arthritis and she finds walking moderate distances to the shops painful. She has relied on her car for transport in recent years and her activity levels have dropped, leading her to put on weight. She does have a bike but found the bike design difficult to use with her reduced leg mobility.





As part of the Everyday Cycling Project we have found her a bike with a low cross bar that is much easier for her use. Susanne has been able to get back to cycling again and is really happy with her progress. She has been cycling everyday since she received the bike and has attended 3 project group rides, to practice road safety and build confidence.  She has been motivated to buy a bike basket to enable her to go shopping by bike, instead of driving. Her fitness is increasing and she recently completed a 16km cycle ride after just 3 months on the project and getting back into cycling. ‘Thanks to the project I am cycling nearly everyday.’

Susanne is fitter, happier, more independent and spending less on fuel. She has also persuaded her teenage son to join. Having been reluctant to cycle, he now has a bike more suited to his needs and has joined two group rides. He has started to build up his cycling confidence. Susanne is very happy that she has shared her love of cycling with her son and sees the independence he has started to gain.

 ‘Thanks to the project I am cycling nearly everyday. The group ride was very useful, I was reminded of things I learned as a kid such like position on the road.  Safely setting off and how to position myself on junctions’.



Becky is a busy Donnington Mum of three young children and suffers osteo-arthritis.  She recently joined the Donnington Everyday Cycling Project because she’d like to get fit and get out with her children who like cycling.  She also chose cycling because it’s low impact exercise that can be easier on joints than walking.

In her first interview, Becky identified that one of the journeys she’d like to make into a cycling journey is her the school run.  Her goal is to be taking her children to school by bike 2-3 times per week by the summer term.

The Everyday Cycling Project has found her a refurbished bike that is light and has a gear changer design that is easier for her hands.  We attached a bike rack for her to carry a bag easily and a stand so that she can park the bike easily to wait for her children and get them ready with their bikes.

Jane, Darren and TJ are all keen on keeping fit and had previously cycled together. Jane (mum) fell off her bike two years ago, breaking her wrist. She lost her nerve cycling and this had a knock on impact on the rest of the family going cycling.  On seeing the Everyday Cycling project advertised at the local community hub, the whole family joined up. The project team looked at their bikes and found Jane a more suitable bike for road and trails to help with her confidence. Her daughter’s outgrown bike was replaced with a larger hybrid bike and dad was given a lightweight hybrid too. 

The family have attended almost all of the group road safety sessions/ group rides and all members including mum, have increased cycling confidence through practicing road safety on the fortnightly Everyday Cycling Group Rides  with the Telford & Wrekin road safety team instructors.  After practicing U turns, passing parked cars and junction positioning in the first sessions, the family completed a 10km group ride with the instructor. Confidence has grown significantly and the family now cycle regularly for leisure together. Darren (dad) and TJ cycled 16km together on a recent weekend.

Darren: ‘ I love this bike. I reckon I’ve cycled 200 miles on it since I got it from the Project. I use it for fitness, transport and just to get out and have some time to relax if I’ve had an argument. I cycle everywhere!’

Tammy is a busy Donnington teaching assistant hoping to increase her cycling fitness and journeys she does by bike.  She liked the sleek lines of this lovely refurbished low step through town style bike.