Partner logos for green social prescribing project

Green Social Prescribing is a two year project, run by a partnership between Energize and Shropshire Wildlife Trust, with support from both local authorities in our County. 

The project is all about encouraging people to access outdoor spaces to get more active and improve their overall health and well being. 

“To use our knowledge, connections, skills and passion to help build the ‘bridge’ between social link workers, health systems and local green activities to benefit wellbeing”

Currently the need for social prescribing is building. Talking with social link workers and the communities they represent has informed us that:

  • they need more accessible, appealing and safe green activities to help people get outside.
  • they need support in finding the right kind of activities to benefit people’s individual needs.
  • there is an urgent need to raise awareness of existing activities and develop more opportunities for diverse groups (tackling inequalities) and those with mental health difficulties.
What is social prescribing?

What is social prescribing? Why is it important and how can it help us? - we love this video from the National Academy for Social Prescribing.

Examples of current projects and case studies

Feed the Birds is a wonderful project from Shropshire Wildlife Trust

Read about how one man changed his life through cycling and walking

And read about the success of a local ladies walking group

We need your help

Talk to your community, find out what motivates people to go outside and what stops people from using our green spaces and share with us any ideas or suggestions to encourage people to use the green space and activities

We would really welcome input from individuals, groups or organisations across Shropshire, Telford & Wrekin.

Please contact Sharon Smith