Denise is a swimming coach based in Telford, teaching swimming to both non-disabled and disabled people. Her story began when she started helping out with sessions for young children. She then completed her life guard and swimming teaching qualifications which led to her setting up the Special Olympic sessions in September 2018.


She now works with 6 Special Olympic swimmers, five of whom have competed in two competitions and won medals in both.


Denise told us the impact the session have on the swimmers and herself.


“Non-disabled swimmers from the swim school now engage with the disabled swimmers sharing their success stories and, to be honest,  I learn as much from them as they do from me.”


As with coaching any sport, Denise explains how finding suitable venues and coaches that are available at the same time is challenging explaining that adapting the sessions to suit each unique swimmer’s needs can be challenging.


However, despite the challenges associated with running a Special Olympics group, it has certainly not hindered the team’s recent success.


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