Stabilising young lives is one of our four priority audiences. This refers to people between the ages of 13-25 who are vulnerable or at risk of negative behaviour. Being active for this audience can result in elements of stability and can positively influence their direction in life.


We work with various organisations that support vulnerable groups. We support these organisations to offer physically activity as a means to engage and help the young people. More organisations are now starting to recognise the importance of physical activity within their service.


We also help young people to find an activity that suits them and one that will have a positive influence on the direction of their life. The young people we work with could be at risk of offending, have poor mental health, be socially isolated, have been abused, be in addiction recovery and many other vulnerable groups.


We are demonstrating that being physically active supports these young people to:

  • Reduce low mood and anxiety
  • Increase future aspirations
  • Increase confidence
  • Improve relationships
  • Improve desire to support others
  • Improve communication and teamwork


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