Telford Aqua Swimming Club (TASC) are an inclusive, diverse and friendly swimming club in Telford who provide swimming lessons and training from ages 5+. The club currently have around 160 members, with waiting lists for some of their programmes such as their ‘learn to swim’ programme. The club noted an increase in interest off the back of the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and as a result the club want to expand their sessions so they can offer more opportunities across Telford and Wrekin.

Telford Aqua Swimming Club utilises swimming to improve the self-esteem of its members, encouraging the development of social skills and other skills key to success in the wider world. One of the clubs key aims is to highlight and promote the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and showcase the benefits that being physically active brings to people’s physical and mental health.

Funding provided through Sport England’s B2022 Commonwealth Games Fund has supported the club to upskill their volunteers to become lifeguards, swim teachers and coaches as well as to replace old lane ropes with new wave-resistant ropes.

The lane ropes purchased not only benefit Telford Aqua Swimming Club but also the wider community as the ropes are shared with Oakengates Leisure Centre. Through fundraising efforts Telford Aqua Swimming Club also contributed to the purchase of the lane ropes with 50% of the funding supplied also coming from Telford and Wrekin Council.

New lane ropes have been purchased.

In addition to improving their lane rope equipment, Telford Aqua Swimming Club also identified that they needed to attract more volunteers to become lifeguards, swim teachers and coaches so they could meet their aim to expand. To support this goal, Telford Aqua Swimming Club proposed to develop and work with many of their young people to support them to volunteer, teach and coach. Through supporting young helpers to work their way up to gain their lifeguarding, teaching and coaching qualifications, Telford Aqua Swimming Club also hoped to reduce the number of young people they see drop off and out of swimming when other priorities such as exam pressures and part time jobs begin to emerge, roughly around the ages of 15/16.

Adam Tatton, Fundraising Officer at TASC said:

“Our head teacher, Abbie, has created an in-house young volunteer programme which focuses on building confidence and improving key skills such as communication and leadership through assisting with running lessons. This way, young people can remain within the sport whilst building key life skills that will assist them in later life.”

A Young Volunteer said:

“It’s like one big family”

Another Young Volunteer said:

“I just love seeing the younger people improve their swimming skills; I remember young volunteers helping me and I just want to give other young people the same opportunity.”

Adam said:

“Our aims as a club are to promote a healthy lifestyle and highlight the importance of being physically active in a fun and friendly environment, and how this can have a positive impact not only on physical health but also mental health as well.”

“We want to get everyone into the swimming pool. We offer sessions for all ages and abilities promoting inclusion and diversity within our club and allowing equal opportunities for all.”

Adam has said how the funding has helped the club:

“The funding we have received has been incredibly valuable and beneficial for our club. It has ensured TASC is here for the future, allowing us to continue doing what we love and do best.”

We wish Telford Aqua Swimming Club the best of luck with their ventures and look forward to seeing the club's successes.

Some members of Telford Aqua Swimming Club

Some members of TASC.