Geoff with Christina, Elevate Project Officer

Geoff is a keen gardener, BMW enthusiast and season ticket holder at Everton FC so even at 85 he has no intention of slowing down if he has any say in the matter!

He told us he had been trying to find something or someone to help with his balance and stability for some years before he found Elevate. 

‘I have had two knee replacements, the first back in 2007 went ok, but the second in 2013 seemed to be less successful and since then I have been a lot more limited with my movement.’

 ‘After the operation I was out of hospital after only 3 days and with limited support. When I requested more guidance from the physiotherapist I was told I would have to go back to the GP!’

‘Next I tried going to the gym – another interesting experience! I explained to the instructor that I probably could get down on the floor for the exercise he suggested but I also probably couldn’t get back up again! I think he thought I was 18.’

So, understandably, when Geoff saw an advert in his local village newsletter for an introductory meeting about new strength and balance classes he was extremely pleased and joined Reg’s weekly Elevate classes in Oswestry straight away.

Now at the end of the 20 week course, Geoff told us about his experience.

‘Reg has been great. He has the perfect balance of information and humour, always explaining WHY we are doing the exercises we are asked to but also making us laugh too. As an ex-teacher and Ofsted Inspector, I can confirm you have picked very well with Reg.’

‘What I also liked is the way we built up to gradually do more and more each week, growing the intensity and being able to see real progression across the course.’

And in Geoff’s own words, was it all worth it?

‘Definitely. For me the loosening of joints to make every day things easier has been a great benefit. Elevate is not a miracle cure by any means but everyone in the group expressed an increased feeling of well-being and in greater confidence.’

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