Elevate instructor Jenny pictured in front of the bridge over the River Severn in ShrewsburyJenny currently works part time in two coaching roles working as a gym and Elevate instructor.

She has completed a number of qualifications and currently works part time at Lifetime Fitness and Physiotherapy, a gym located in Shrewsbury.  Her role there involves working with clients of all ages but many are over the age of sixty and some have been referred by their GP as they require support to become more active.



After being signposted by her manager to a postural stability course to help support the gym’s clients, Jenny was introduced to the Elevate programme. These classes are aimed at individuals over the age of sixty who are looking to improve their strength and balance.

The classes form a twenty week programme - Jenny started her first in September 2018. She has now finished two Elevate programmes and recently began her third, alongside a maintenance class for previous Elevate attendees who are now more able.

As a coach, Jenny’s aim is to “make people feel at ease in an environment that may feel uncomfortable for them”. She explained how the gym or an exercise class can be daunting to older people. Meaning they need the right care and attention to reap the full rewards that being active can offer.

 Jenny told us that her ability to adapt to meet each client’s needs within the differing sessions is important. She works 1:1 with her gym clients, supporting their individual goals.   Within the Elevate classes Jenny says, “The exercises become more challenging as the weeks progress so it’s important that clients attend as many classes as they can. However there are always alternative exercises to suit their current abilities should they require this.”  

Jenny told us that she does face some challenges whilst coaching as she often has to consider changes to client’s health and the affects that medication can have on their exercise.

Jenny also explains that “Educating and promoting behaviour change towards being more physically active can sometimes be a challenge for people of all ages.”

Despite these challenges she explains that “It is great to hear from clients that regular exercise has had a positive impact on their health and wellbeing and that they feel more confident about carrying out daily activities that younger people take for granted.” She also explained about how surprised she was with the number of previous Elevate attendees who wanted to return.

She also told us about the change she sees in the Elevate classes. “Seeing people make new connections and friendships is lovely. Many participants now share lifts and express concern if anyone is absent.”

Jenny explained how positive this is as “Their way of getting in contact with people can be different from society today.” Following each of the Elevate classes the participants are invited to join each other for refreshments and a chat, which Jenny explains helps their confidence to grow and tackle the loneliness many of them experience if they live on their own.

Jenny’s advice for anyone considering a role as a coach or instructor is to “Look at what really interests you, as there are loads of different coaching options out there.” She explained how trying out lots of different ideas enables you to develop transferable skills.

Jenny sums up her experience as a coach as “a real learning curve”.

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