The Elevate classes are designed to boost confidence and build strength and balance in those over the age of sixty and at risk of falling. By the end of the twenty week program participants are assessed through simple tests to see whether their strength and balance has improved.

As well as the health benefits participants are encouraged to engage socially before and after the sessions sharing a cup of tea and a chat.

We spoke to one group led by instructor, Dan who had arranged their own pub lunch following their final twenty week session. They told us about how they felt the sessions had benefitted them both physically and mentally.

They told us that their initial concerns were their lack of confidence, which often meant they were cautious about going out and moving around without losing their balance. They were also worried that the instructors would be patronising, working with a group of older people, but they found the communication and explanations helpful and positive.

Despite these initial concerns the class were really impressed with the instruction they received from Dan. One participant describes Dan as “excellent” adding that the exercises were done at a good pace.

They explained that Dan led them through, “controlled and specific movements combined with enough information for each individual participant,” making them feel confident and reassured that everything was suited to their own ability.

One participant told us that the “gentle progression of the sessions,” helped to build their confidence. With another participant explaining that since being involved in the classes she has completed a walk along the coast, which she would have struggled to complete before.

As well as accomplishing big achievements the participants also told us about the everyday activities which have been made easier through their awareness of their own balance and stability. Two ladies explained how getting up from a chair and out of the car had now become easier, through practice at the Elevate classes.

The social benefit shone through with this class with two of the participants realising they had met before, as both their children attended the same primary school. The classes also led to them finding out that they now live around the corner from each other. Another two used to work with each other, we have heard some lovely stories about friendships being found and people being reunited after many years.

Dan explained how he had enjoyed seeing the group grow in confidence and form friendships with each other during the classes.  He has now delivered Elevate classes across Shropshire covering areas including Shrewsbury, Bishops Castle, Pontesbury and Clun receiving brilliant feedback and results from them all.

Dan is now in the process of setting up follow-on classes for the participants he has previously worked with, to help maintain their strength and balance. These classes are also open to those who have not been previously involved in Elevate, but would like to give it a go.


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