Sharon, a Green Social Prescribing Officer working for both Energize and Shropshire Wildlife Trust has recently been delivering workshops all about Green Social Prescribing to people across Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin.

The workshops have been delivering a lot of evidence on the benefits of using outdoor spaces to improve mental health, general wellbeing, increase physical activity and connect with nature.

Sharon has been delivering these workshops to people working in the health and social care systems, and to local activity providers, to support them in delivering low-level, accessible, and friendly activities in green spaces.

Sharon said: In doing this, we have learned how we can support providers to deliver activities in green spaces and how activity providers are able to benefit from gaining social prescribing referrals to their groups. It’s been great to hear that the workshops were enjoyable and informative for everyone.

Paul Kalinauckas, who is an Energize #TogetherWeMove Champion, said:

“Thank you for the excellent workshop about green social prescribing.”

Another participant said:

“The workshop was very useful. Many of us are volunteers who want to help people on their health journey.”

Sharon added: “All the workshops have been hugely successful in increasing people’s knowledge about the benefits of green social prescribing and many are eager to be involved. It was great to see and hear many of the providers who attended are aware of what they can offer and how it could be so valuable towards a person’s wellbeing.

We are wanting to connect local activity providers with people who could be prescribed to attend the activity. If you, or someone you know, provide outdoor low-level physical activities such as walking, rambling, gardening, art or crafts… or anything else which you think could be suitable, then please read more about Green Social Prescribing and contact Sharon Smith

Here are some photos of Sharon presenting and leading discussions in Telford Town Park and Leegomery.

Four photos taken at Green Social Prescribing workshops in October 2022